Sweet position

Reduce your intake of potentially harmful additives by steering clear of products such as soft drinks and chewing gums that contain the artificial sweetener aspartame. This is a dangerous toxin that has been associated with many diseases, and most recently, with increased risk of premature births. Although the Food Standards Agency tells us that small amounts of this chemical is safe, there is new evidence coming out against it all the time. A great, natural alternative sweetener is Xylitol made from birch bark, which is low GI, is beneficial to diabetics and is actually good for your teeth.

Milk monitor

Cow's milk can be difficult to digest for many adults, leading to symptoms such as stomach cramping, constipation and/or diarrhoea. If you think you might be sensitive to milk, try switching to rice, soya, oat or even almond milk for a couple of weeks and see if your symptoms improve. There's a multitude of different milks available, from the supermarket as well as health food shops, and the other bonus is that they are a great way to vary and increase the number of nutrients in your daily diet.

Standing order

A simple weight-loss tip: Don't eat standing up! The same goes for eating while you're working or watching the TV. If you take the time to enjoy food, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, see, smell and taste food properly, then your digestion will improve and your brain will receive the right signals that you are satisfied and you won't feel the need for the post lunch sweet hit.

Organic on the cheap

Choose your chicken wisely: Regular chicken is no longer as lean and healthy as it used to be. Chickens are kept in confined spaces that restrict exercise, they are fed a high calorie diet and other growth promoters. Additionally they have been found to carry antibiotic resistant bacteria as a result of over-use of antibiotics. Those giant, flabby, white chicken breasts in the supermarket are really not all they're cracked up to be, so go organic! If cost is an issue, go for organic chicken thighs. A pack of organic thighs are a similar price to non-organic breasts, and much healthier and tastier.


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