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Raw Oreo-Style Biscuits

06th Mar 2013 07:57am

This is an adaptation of a Chocolate Brownie recipe I found on an American raw food site (which is why measurements are in cups – sorry), but I found they worked better cut out as biscuits. Don’t expect a cru... Read article

Healthy By Christmas

16th Nov 2012 04:46pm

The lovely ladies at Top Sante have put together a big Advent pullout with all the tips, advice and ideas you need to be a happier, healthier, hotter you by Christmas... Claire is quoted with her magic tips for beating ... Read article

Forget Low-Fat

23rd Oct 2012 07:37am

It sounds like the message that low-fat, processed products are unhealthy is finally getting through to the mainstream. Claire was excited to be asked by MSN to explain why for their feature on low-fat options because sh... Read article

Six Weeks To OMG

23rd Oct 2012 07:29am

Claire has been asked by the lovely people at MSN Her to comment on the controversial diet that claims to get you skinnier than all your friends by skipping breakfast, drinking lots of coffee and taking cold baths. Foll... Read article

Alkalise Your Diet

15th Aug 2012 04:02pm

Ooo, now Claire is quoted in another Top Sante article on the alkaline diet, which is promoted in a new book called Honestly Healthy. If you want more information about going alkaline, or have a question, just drop us an... Read article

The Truth About Sugar

13th Aug 2012 08:02am

Health advice centred around low-fat diets for at least 20 years. This didn't work. We are fatter and more disease-ridden than ever! All those low-fat products were packed with sugar in an attempt to compensate for the g... Read article

Organic Burst Blog

10th Jul 2012 09:46am

As some of you already know, Claire shares the running of the fabulous new Brompton Quarter Health boutique three days a week with her colleague Rosie. We thought we'd share a blog post they wrote for their favourite sup... Read article

Time for my Special Say about Breakfast

13th Mar 2012 09:18am

Give your rubbish old toast or cereal and orange juice a miss and include higher levels of protein at breakfast time. The obvious breakfast choices that we seem to love in this country, (Special K people, you're m... Read article

Detox Debate

10th Jan 2012 09:11am

If you’re detoxing this month, it could mean anything from simply cutting out alcohol to a radical regime of skipping food altogether and drinking lemon juice and maple syrup to survive. Is it all a waste of time a... Read article

Now Celebrity Diet Special

05th Jan 2012 01:42pm

Claire was asked to contribute her expert view to a new 2012 diet called Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans. It's not a bad diet, but it does lean heavily on the low-fat obsession of the 80s forgetting entirely that essentia... Read article

12 Reasons to Supplement Your Diet

05th Jan 2012 10:14am

  Popping several pills a day is surely not the aim of the game when considering a healthy lifestyle? If you’re eating a well-balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables then is there really a need for such... Read article

More Press Coverage on Claire's Expert Tips

17th Nov 2011 09:30am

Read on to see Claire's quote featured in Reveal Magazine. The article focuses on food swaps for weight loss and we suggested switching from regular mashed potato with milk and butter to sweet potato. What didn't make it... Read article

Marie Claire Features The Nutrition Guide

16th Nov 2011 08:47am

Read on for the full article '12 Reasons You're Tired All The Time' by Anna Magee featured in the November issue of Marie Claire with quotes from Claire about staying hydrated and dealing with gut bacteria imbalances:&nb... Read article

Nutritional Therapy Goes Mainstream

08th Nov 2011 11:02pm

The Food Hospital is bravely attempting to educate their audience about the benefits of nutrition and the possibilities of treating disease and disorders with food rather than drugs. I say bravely because even though the... Read article

Something Raw for the Weekend

04th Nov 2011 05:46pm

After a long week of stress, tube rage and eye strain, it’s finally the weekend and most of my fellow Clapham-ites will be gearing up for a long night or two of socialising and boozing. The tension and tiredness ... Read article

Breakfast Rules

30th Aug 2011 10:05am

If you're back at work today depressed and hungover post bank holiday weekend, whether you were having fun at a festival, carnival, wedding or whatever, you're probably wishing you had more stamina and in the mood f... Read article

100 Ways to Conquer Candida

13th Jul 2011 06:10pm

Illness caused by an overgrowth of the candida yeast in the intestines calls for one of the most difficult diet and lifestyle overhauls imaginable. To starve the yeast, sufferers need to temporarily eradicate large food ... Read article

Cellulite Solutions featured in Natural Health Magazine

01st Jul 2011 08:30am

See the scanned article below for all Claire's top cellulite tips! ... Read article

Menu Scan: Cafe Rouge

25th May 2011 03:40pm

How to Eat Like a French Woman at Café Rouge As the book title goes, ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’, but you’d be forgiven for believing this to be one big fat fib when you look at the Fre... Read article

Some gluten-free ideas

18th May 2011 10:55am

As we're hitting day three of Gluten-Free Awareness week, we thought we'd add in a couple of recipe ideas to keep you on track! Tabouleh gluten-free style  This Middle Eastern dish is normally ... Read article

Yoghurts on trial

11th May 2011 03:03pm

Our colleagues at Women's Fitness asked Claire to comment on the newest yogurts on the aisle and included her low-down in the May issue:  ... Read article

The Nutrition Guide in the Press

11th May 2011 02:34pm

Sainsbury's Magazine has featured a quote from Claire on the Smart Nutrition page of their June issue. It is a view on the food diary of Eric Lanlard, a master patissier. There was only room on the page for a couple of l... Read article

How to Cherry Pick a Sports Drink

30th Apr 2011 07:31pm

Most brands of sports drinks are heavily marketed, delivering messages about performance and how great they will make us feel. This means we often don’t notice the added sugar, caffeine, and other ingredients that ... Read article

Menu Scan: Strada

18th Apr 2011 03:58pm

Making sensible selections at Strada restaurants Since Strada hasn’t yet added calorie information to their menus (this is planned to be available online from September 2011), it’s up to us to offer the gu... Read article

Weight-Loss Focus

18th Apr 2011 11:27am

Weight-loss Focus: Mindful Eating How to eat with all your senses, not just your mouth Visual and environmental clues can make a huge impact on our consciousness of the food we eat. The US behavioural eating expert, Dr... Read article

Kate Middleton Diet Watch

10th Mar 2011 06:51pm

  The speculation surrounding Kate’s slim-line body secrets is rife as the whole nation gears up for the Royal Wedding. One newspaper reported seeing Kate eating a big bowl of pasta this week at an Italian ... Read article

The Nutrition Guide Feature in Women's Fitness

25th Feb 2011 04:42pm

Women’s Fitness – March 2011 Claire provides answers to your questions about liquid calories:            ... Read article

Obesity Debate on NHS Online

31st Jan 2011 10:43pm

The Nutrition Guide's consultant, Claire, contributes to the obesity debate taking place on NHS Online with some pertinent words about the way junk foods are formulated to manipulate us into wanting more. “One o... Read article

Mushrooms for Immunity

27th Jan 2011 05:16pm

At this time of year, when everyone seems to have a cough or a cold, eating foods that can support your immune system is a no-brainer. Although mushrooms don't get anywhere near the good press awarded to super-veg like b... Read article

Lose weight like a man

12th Jan 2011 01:54pm

Men store fat and metabolise food differently from women think of the big male tum compared with the womanly big bum but also, the barriers preventing men from losing weight are totally different from those that af... Read article

Celebrity Diet Watch

5th Jan 2011 04:35pm

Dukan or Du-can't? The Dukan diet, created by French nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan has reportedly won a host of celebrity followers, from J-Lo to Kate Middleton's mother. Its premise is a diet of pure protein foods for 5... Read article


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Raw Oreo-Style Biscuits
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Healthy By Christmas
The lovely ladies at Top Sante have put together a big Advent pul... Read

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Forget Low-Fat
It sounds like the message that low-fat, processed products are u... Read


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