Our guidance won't succeed without your input, so we do everything we can to make consultations work for you:

  • Flexibility on timings and locations of consultations
  • Helping you find your personal motivation to change
  • Suggesting realistic adjustments that are easy for you to implement

You will be sent a health questionnaire, including a three day food diary when you make your first appointment. We ask that you complete this and return via post or email at least two days in advance of your appointment to ensure you get the most out of the consultation.

Price list:

Initial consultation - 1hr 15mins - £75

Follow-up consultations - 45mins-1hr - £60


Claire has a clinic in Clapham. She is also able to conduct sessions at your home or workplace, please contact her to discuss the best option for you.

The consultation process

Pick an end-point. Your goals are central to everything we do, whether you aim to be bouncing with energy right up until home-time, lose the weight that's been insulating you through winter, resolve digestive symptoms that just won't go away or seek nutritional support whilst suffering an illness. Your consultant will guide you how to set achievable goals that we can measure.

Work with the terrain

A full assessment of your symptoms, diet, medical history, along with any helpful tests will be made to enable us to identify and address the factors contributing to your health issues.

Examples of what we might work on in the course of your consultations:

  • Correction of inadequate intake of specific nutrients
  • Elimination of nutrient 'robbers'
  • Finding your weight gain triggers (and beating them)
  • Targeting damaged tissues with healing measures
  • Balancing hormones
  • Improving digestive flow
  • Reducing disease risk factors

How we get there

The Nutrition Guide provides practical eating and lifestyle plans, tailored to your likes/dislikes, cooking ability, time and budget constraints. We'll even adapt suggestions to suit where and how you like to do your shopping. Substitutes for problem foods, portion control guidance, and specific foods/nutrients to support body systems affected by your condition will all be included in the plan you take away with you.

Examples of eating plans designed for particular needs and goals:

  • Energy-promoting
  • Metabolism boosting
  • Anti-aging
  • Pain reducing
  • Mood balancing
  • Detoxifying
  • Immune enhancing

Keep on going

Depending on state of health and particular requirements, most clients take 2-3 follow-up appointments, scheduled around 4 weeks apart. These sessions allow us to monitor progress and results, increase motivation and develop the health improvement strategy further. In cases where laboratory tests are recommended to provide accurate health markers, we will schedule a session to discuss and work with the results. Please note that the cost of lab tests is not included in the consultation fee, but we do suggest a range of lab options, and will come up with alternatives if you prefer not to be tested in this way.

You have arrived

The rewards of addressing health problems and boosting well-being through nutritional intervention can be phenomenal.

Here is just a taste of what we hope to achieve:

  • Increased energy, motivation, fertility, immunity
  • Improved digestion, skin condition, mood, concentration, stress management
  • Reduced chronic pain, risk of disease, body fat, weight

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